Track your USPS trading card shipments

Gather around, dear trading card enthusiasts, for I bring to you a magical solution that shall add transparency and security to your online trading journeys with a meager investment. Behold, our revolutionary software that shall bring forth the light of knowledge and the power of magic to your quest for safe and secure delivery of your treasured gaming cards!

Getting Started is EASY!

  1. Sign in
  2. make a shipment
  3. print our label on your envelope
  4. mail it
  5. track your first class mail!

What We Do

When our label is created and added to the outside of the envelope, we track and add visibility to packages that are sent using the United States postal service (USPS). We track when a package is scanned at each facility until it arrives at its destination.

What We Don't Do

  • We do not track packages for other carriers.
  • We do not ship or manage shipments.
  • We do not handle disputes or claims with USPS.
  • We do not provide real-time tracking.


The first 5 card tracking credits are on us to see if you like our service. After that, you can buy a pack of 10 tracking credits for $5. More packages coming soon.